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The most intimate, one-on-one deeply healing way to work with me is within the Finally Free Transformation Program.

In this all-encompassing four or six month healing journey, I hold space for you to feel and heal your way into more confidence, authenticity, self-trust, and empowerment. Through various modalities such as hypnotherapy, tapping, shadow work, breakthrough coaching, and subconscious reprogramming techniques, we slowly begin to peel off all the layers of parental and societal programming "gunk" that are NOT you, so you can get back to the truth of who you really are (and who you've really been underneath all along).

You are not broken... you've just taken on a lot of stuff that isn't yours. I am an expert in helping you take off the sweaters and step back into your innate worth and power, which is where my guidance, cheerleading, and close-proximity, loving coaching will really help you see yourself again and begin to thrive on all levels - (life, love, business, money - you name it, this work will impact it.)

With this newfound embodiment of EMPOWERED SELF you will begin to make a bigger impact, witness magic and miracles take place on a daily basis, and germinate the co-creation of a life you only previously dreamed of. By the time our work together is complete, you will feel "finally free" (hence the name!) and shine your light brightly for all to see.

After all, that's why my business is called Awaken the Glow.

Your Inner Light is calling you Home. Are you ready to answer the call?

Let's dive deep together. I've got you. ✨

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Access your Infinite Resource State for powerful transformation. Customized for your deepest healing intentions, you will receive potent subconscious shifts in every session that will continue to bloom and blossom in all areas of your life.

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Take a ride back into healing childhood memories, your Mother's womb, past lives, and then up up up into the Spirit World to receive all the answers you are searching for, including your Life Purpose.
This session is guaranteed to change your life in the most profound of ways and there aren't words to describe it, it must be felt and experienced.

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With a Lifetime Guarantee (Neurological Tapping & Hypnosis)

Change your life forever, save thousands of dollars per year, and get your health back. With a Lifetime Guarantee (yes... you read that right) there's nothing to lose - except that nasty habit. Learn to love yourself and breathe fully again. You are worthy of healing!

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Just like we need a shower for our physical body, we also need a shower for our spiritual body.

This energy healing session utilizes a mixture of Reiki (from both the Usui & Kundalini varieties), Crystal Healing, and Sound Healing, for an experience like no other. You'll leave feeling refreshed, restored, rejuvenated, and downright magical. Offered both in-person at my Nashville home healing studio and virtually via Zoom.

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POWER UP! Breakthrough Coaching, Tapping, Reiki Energy Healing & Hypnotherapy (All in One)

This Super Session combines ALL the healing modalities for miraculous, rapid results - Breakthrough Coaching, Tapping/EFT/RRT (a "down and dirty" shadow work intensive technique) Reiki Energy Healing, and Hypnotherapy. This one-off session is also great to book if you want to get the gist of my energy and what I'm all about before choosing to work together on a larger investment level (such as the Finally Free Transformation Program).

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An incredibly unique offering that will:

Activate Your Voice

Your Creativity

And a Deep Well of Inner Resources.
Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine…For the first time ever, you truly appreciate and honor yourself EXACTLY where you’re at.

The fear, guilt, shame, and self-sabotage have begun to melt away.

Your voice fully expressed in the way that works for YOU.

That’s exactly my intention with creating VOCAL ACTIVATION.

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Experience expansion like no other.⁣

Heal your money story once and for all and shift into your unique millionaire mindset so that you start making big moves with your life and business. ⁣

We will dive deep into the "3D specifics" for setting up wealth as well as the "5D energetics" ethereal realms, sparking personal power & self-love as we work with mind/body/spirit so ALL facets are addressed and healed.

With this powerful work you will hit the ground running not only with making more money, but embodying empowerment in ALL aspects of your life.⁣

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Tapping 101 Workshop COMING SOON!

Learn how to navigate, regulate, and clear stored, stuck trauma out of your nervous system through the art of tapping. You will find deep clarity and peace through this potent workshop and walk away with a new healing tool that can be used anytime, anywhere.

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Crypto 101: A Masterclass Series

Learn the ins and outs of crypto (known as the Wild Wild West of the stock markets) and activate abundance with the guidance of myself and my crypto mentor, Aman, in this 3-part series. Together we will help you navigate the terrain of this newfound wealth opportunity and feel empowered.

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Reiki is an ancient healing technique that channels universal life force energy through the practitioner to the client, re-balancing and clearing energy to help restore physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Transform your personal and professional life today by becoming a certified Reiki Practitioner. Build a business that you actually love, make a massive impact in the world, and witness the transformation in everyone you work with, including yourself!

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I am here to be of highest service to your goals so please let me know if you have any questions.

So looking forward to working with you, in whatever way feels best and most expansive to you!
DM me with any questions 💜