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This is so much more than just a “transformation program“. It's soul sister, cheerleader, magic + miracles-type vibes.

Making big impact, big income, and healing all the bullshit so you can finally break free and shine fully. So… let's do this!

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Get in on the ground floor of something completely different, something completely revolutionary.

  • Get Inspired, Get Activated: This is Your Space for Next-Level Healing & Integration
  • Have fun meeting spiritual, like-minded soul siblings who are on the same page & path
  • We don't hold back... we are here to share what’s worked for us... EVERYTHING.
  • All the healing, all the fellowship, all the connection (with in-person retreats to come!)

Breakthrough Coaching. Hypnotherapy. Tapping.

Re-program Your Subconscious for True, Empowered Sovereignty.

We're Here to Help!

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Experience expansion like no other.⁣

Heal your money story once and for all and shift into your unique millionaire mindset so that you start making big moves with your life and business. ⁣

We will dive deep into the "3D specifics" for setting up wealth as well as the "5D energetics" ethereal realms, sparking personal power & self-love as we work with mind/body/spirit so ALL facets are addressed and healed.

With this powerful work you will hit the ground running not only with making more money, but embodying empowerment in ALL aspects of your life.⁣

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Lifetime Guarantee (Neurological Tapping & Hypnosis)


Change your life forever, save thousands of dollars per year, and get your health back.
With a Lifetime Guarantee there's nothing to lose... except that nasty habit.

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Access your Infinite Resource State for powerful transformation.
Each session is customized for your deepest healing!

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Just like we need a shower for our physical body, we also need a shower for our spiritual body.

This energy healing session utilizes a mixture of Reiki (from both the Usui & Kundalini varieties), Crystal Healing, and Sound Healing, for an experience like no other. You'll leave feeling refreshed, restored, rejuvenated, and downright magical.

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POWER UP! Breakthrough Coaching, Tapping, Reiki Energy Healing & Hypnotherapy (All in One!)

This Super Session combines ALL the healing modalities for miraculous, rapid results - Breakthrough Life Coaching, Tapping/EFT (my "down and dirty" intensive technique) Reiki Energy Healing, and Hypnotherapy. This one-off session is also great to book if you want to get the gist of my energy and what I'm all about before choosing to work together on a larger investment level (such as the Finally Free Transformation Program).

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Take a ride up into the Spirit World to receive all the answers you are searching for, including your Life Purpose.
This session is guaranteed to change your life in the most profound of ways.

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Tapping 101 COMING SOON!

Gain clarity and find deep healing through this potent workshop.

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Reiki is an ancient healing technique that channels universal life force energy through the practitioner to the patient, re-balancing and clearing the patient's energy to restore them to physical and emotional well being. Join hundreds of students who have changed their personal and professional lives with DEN Reiki Certification!

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